Quality & Assurance

Community Ventures is proud to hold ISO 9001 certification, and has retained the standard since 2010, demonstrating our commitment to quality and robust process management, and have recently successfully completed our transition assessment to the 2015 Standard.

Community Ventures have a Quality Management System in place which is endorsed by its Board of Directors and implemented across its business activities.

“It is the stated Quality Policy of Community Ventures Partnerships Ltd to satisfy the requirements of our customers in every way that we can. This can only be achieved by operating a comprehensive, co-ordinated & effective quality system, which assures the quality of all services offered by the company.

This system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and will be implemented across the whole organisation, embracing all of the activities which impact upon our customers.

The Directors of the company are committed to ensuring that the system is effective in achieving quality and satisfying customers both now and in the future.

We will strive to continually improve upon our services, processes and systems by setting quality objectives during our Management Reviews that are measurable and are reviewed at least annually. Costing associated with these objectives will be attributed wherever possible.”

We are members of the Investors in People scheme, having recently retained the Gold Standard earlier in 2021. This has been achieved despite the covid-19 pandemic and the impact this has has on working practice, all employees working from home, remote from their usual team working arrangements, and demonstrates the commitment of the executive management team to keeping open communication and high morale across all employees.  Personal development continues to be a key priority when annually reviewing business objectives, and ensuring the mental health of employees is considered when reviewing practices across the organisation.

Some of the comments within the 2021 report include:

“There is good evidence now of how people are passionate about innovation at Community Ventures and how they are encouraged to be innovative and creative.”

“People feel that Community Ventures is a great place to work with many improvements in the employee relationship……There is a strong sense of optimism for the future and this was reflected in the overall high levels of morale within the teams.”

More recently, Community Ventures secured Cyber Essentials certification, validating our commitment to data protection, holding and storing date in accordance with GDPR and ensuring our data is securely protected from cyber threats.

Our Customer Charter is at the heart of how we interact with our clients and customers:

Customer Charter

Customer feedback

We actively encourage customer feedback and use it to inform our future work.

To leave feedback, please download our customer questionnaire.