Community Ventures began life as the private sector partner in a number of public-private partnerships created under the NHS’s Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) programme in England. The national LIFT Initiative was launched in 2001, and represented the Department of Health’s commitment to the improvement of health and social care service provision in the communities that most needed renewed investment and support.

Since 2004, we have been collaborating with our public sector partners to successfully develop, build and manage high quality health and social care facilities in communities throughout the north of England.

Today the Community Ventures family of companies continues to adapt to accommodate the diverse needs of our partners, although our original values remain core to our work. Our current structure and growing list of services reflect the changing face of the public sector, and we adapt and grow to accommodate new demands and initiatives as they arise.

We currently have an estate portfolio under our management of circa 150 properties with a value of over £250 million.

Mission Statement