Estates Returns Information Collection (ERIC Returns) Support

Durham and Tees Community Ventures has recently completed a commission to assist North Tees and Hartlepool Solutions (NTH) with their ERIC Returns completion for North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

The work included working with the Estates, Facilities and Finance service leads to collate data in line with data definitions, and concluded with a detailed report being issued to the Trust which demonstrated the key changes, and showed how this benchmarked with previous Trust and peer results.

Emma Bolton, Area Director (Leeds and North East) at Community Ventures, said:

In my various roles within the NHS I was always passionate about the role that ERIC can play in really understanding estate and being able to drive productivity improvements.  I was therefore delighted to be able to work with NTH Solutions to be able to look at their data, and was particularly impressed at the way that they wanted to build on previous years and use it for operational benefit.  The fact that the Trust were so pleased with the outcome demonstrates the benefit that our team, many of whom have years of experience managing these returns on behalf of Trusts, can bring to the process, which also reduces the burden on these organisations at a very busy time.”

Mike Worden, Managing Director at NTH Solutions, said:

“We asked Community Ventures to assist us in the production of this year’s ERIC Returns.  They were able to provide a team who had extensive experience in collating and co-ordinating the returns, and they supported our service managers to ensure that the data that they submitted was accurate and in accordance with the Data Definitions.  The Community Ventures team cross-checked all data against previous years’ returns and collated an audit trail, showing the rationale for any substantial changes.  At the end of the process, a detailed but easy-to-read report was provided to enable executive sign-off of the report.  The team worked very hard to ensure a high quality outcome and I would recommend them to any Trust who would like support in ERIC submission, who would like a review of their ERIC processes, or who would like to understand their benchmarking information and opportunities for improvement.”

 In terms of service offering, the team can assist Trusts in:

  • Collating ERIC data to provide the Returns
  • Assist in putting collection mechanisms in place to ensure that the ERIC process is streamlined
  • Analyse previous ERIC data to help to improve processes for future years
  • Collate information into management reports
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in operational costs through analysis of ERIC data
  • Collate information on multiple Trusts (for example, across an ICS) to assist to identify partnership or strategy improvements
  • Other bespoke requirements using ERIC (or other performance) data

Should you wish to discuss the potential for future assistance in this area of work, contact Emma Bolton at