Community Ventures (Leeds) Commissioned to Undertake 19 Primary Care Network Estates Strategies Across Leeds

Leeds CCG have recently been awarded funding under the NHS Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) to allow the completion of 19 Primary Care Network Estates Profiles, one for each PCN in the city, and have commissioned Community Ventures Leeds to undertake this work.  The programme seeks to create a baseline profile for each of Leeds’s 19 PCNs, looking across the breadth of public, and third sector estate and providing Networks with the data and intelligence from which to commence development of their estates plans.

The need for Primary Care Network Estate Strategies is identified in the 2019 General Practices Premises Policy Review, which encourages PCNs to commence consideration of their estates issues.  There  is additional pressure on primary care accommodation as a result of the recruitment provided for within the revisions to the GP five-year contract agreed in 2020, and a keenness to understand how the learning from the pandemic might affect the way that estate is utilised.

 The work sees Community Ventures Leeds working in strategic partnership with Leeds CCG, Leeds City Council and Leeds GP Confederation.  At the end of this process it is envisaged that each Primary Care Network will have sufficient information to allow the formalisation of an Estates Strategy for delivery in their area, addressing issues and suggesting possible solutions.

Community Ventures (Management) have now developed 3 levels of packages to PCNs for the provision of Estate Strategies.  For more information, email