The Board

The Community Ventures board of directors oversees the activities of the group and guides the management team in the day-to-day running of the business.


Nigel Fenny: Chief Executive &  Director

Nigel Fenny: Chief Executive & Director

Prior to joining Community Ventures Leeds in 2005, and subsequently creating the Community Ventures Group in 2008, Nigel gained extensive NHS experience as an Executive Director working in community, mental health and acute Services.
His experience and insight allowed him to create and subsequently preside over the Community Ventures Group five-year business plan, realising sustained growth and strong ROI for shareholders.

Nigel has an impressive and extensive record in creating and managing long-term strategic partnerships that deliver success for all parties.

Phil Harris: Director

Phil Harris: Director

Phil joined the Galliford Try Investment Board following the recent acquisition by Galliford Try of Miller Construction.  Phil headed up Miller’s Investment business where he had focused on the PFI/PPP/LIFT/development sector for the past 13 years and was instrumental in Miller’s success across a multitude of sectors and projects.

Phil is now responsible for the strategic development and delivery of Galliford Try’s investment activities across England and Wales in terms of new business as well as the delivery and ultimate disposal of existing assets.  Phil’s recent successes include achieving Financial Close on the North East Priority Schools Building programme, the very first PF2 and the first Aggregator funded deal.

Phil joined the Community Ventures Group Board in August 2014 representing GT (Leeds) LIFT Ltd.

Maurice Bourne: Director

Maurice Bourne: Director

Maurice has been with Galliford Try for over 25 years via the Miller acquisition and is Commercial Director within Galliford Try’s Investment division.  He has successfully overseen the legal aspects of many PFI and PPP projects in health, education, blue light and housing sectors, both for Miller and more recently Galliford Try.

Maurice has served as a director in PFI, LIFT and Local Education Partnerships companies.  He has a detailed understanding and knowledge of the key legal and commercial issues affecting revenue funded projects, together with considerable experience of successfully negotiating and closing highly complex multi-party agreements within extremely strictly observed timescales.

Maurice joined the Community Ventures Group Board in August 2014 representing GT (Leeds) LIFT Ltd.


Vicky Jagger-Strangeway: Company Secretary

Vicky Jagger-Strangeway: Company Secretary

Vicky provides executive level support to the CEO and Directors, and is responsible for the overall management of the Yorkshire office.

Vicky’s areas of expertise include governance and performance management, process, project and event management, company law, marketing and health and social care legal processes.

Vicky successfully led the company through ISO 9001 accreditation and manages the systems and procedures in place to maintain the standard.